Yogi Babu starrer “Gurkha” audio launch


Yogi Babu starrer “Gurkha” had sent forth its absolute state of attraction across the crowds from the word ‘Go’ and now with the film all set to hit screens on June 28 with Libra Productions releasing it, the audio launch of the film was held this morning with eminent personalities like SP Balasubramaniam, Siddarth, Karu Pazhaniappan along with the cast and crew of this film present at Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai.

Actor Charlie said, “Comedy actors like us always own a special nature of predicting the pulse of a movie. The scenes that we enjoy while shooting will definitely get a good reception in theatres. In this aspect, Sam Anton has delivered lots of such moments in the film and I am sure ‘Gurkha’ will be a comedy caper of difference.”

Actor Manobala said, “Sam Anton is pretty much proficient when it comes to the art of delivering a comedy film. Yogi Babu has turned insomniac these days shooting consistently for the movies and he took additional efforts to complete this film on time. I am 100% confident that his face value will definitely yield finest results for the movie.”

Libra Productions Ravindar Chandrasekar said, “This is the first ever time, we are getting involved in distribution. Yogi Babu’s career growth has been enormous with every movie and I am completely confident that Gurkha will have its domain established across all the theatres.”

Actor Mayilsamy said, “Sam Anton used to tell me that he hasn’t worked as assistant, but the way he crafts and pictures a scenes gives an impression that he has worked in at least 20 movies. I am blessed to have a veteran icon like SP Balasubramaniam sir present here. Yogi Babu’s struggle to make it into the film industry is very well known to me. Even today, he has some struggles, which is about back to back work that keeps him away from resting and sleep. Gurkha will be a complete entertainer with fun and amusement for all audiences.”
Editor Ruben said, “The origin of ‘Gurkha’ happened over a rainy night, while Sam Anton and I were editing “100”. We took a break over car drive for tea and that’s where we had the idea of making a fun-filled movie. Later, things fell in places with Kishore brother coming forward to produce the film and Yogi Babu gave a continuous call sheet of 35 days. Sivakarthikeyan, GV Prakash, Vignesh Shivn and Arunraja Kamaraj came forward extending their support too. I assure that everyone walking out of the theatres after watching this film will have smile on their faces.”

Lyricist-singer-filmmaker Arunraja Kamaraj said, “While working in ‘Kanaa’, editor Ruben requested me if I can write a song for this film and that’s how this film began. Although, I had started my career as lyricist through Pizza followed by Jigarthanda, I didn’t get more opportunity, It was Sam Anton who banked his trust on me and gave the opportunity to write lyrics in ‘Darling’. I am so happy to be a part of this project and there must be more producers like this so as to encourage the aspiring filmmakers, actors and technicians.”

Director Sam Anton said, “Our main motive behind the movie was to make a fun-filled entertainer and decided to complete the entire shoot in 34 days. Since, we are producing the film by ourselves, there were some additional pressures, but Yogi Babu gave more priority to our film than others. I am very much impressed with his nature of giving call sheet to everyone approaching him without even taking rest.”

Director Karu Pazhaniappan said, “It’s nice to see people like Siddarth and Mayilsamy who are completely concerned about society are present here. Sam Anton possesses the skills of planning and executing the project from its time of shoot to the release perfectly. Gurkha will surely attract the universal crowds for its fun-filled entertainment factors.”

SP Charan said, “It’s a common thing, where few friends come together for a joint venture and kick-start their production, but most of them fail to accomplish the mission. I am so much happy to see the producers out here, who came together for ‘4 Monkeys Studio’ have managed to pull it off greatly. They have brought together the bunch of talented people and am sure the success of this film will furthermore motivate others too to bring in more talents.”

Actor Ravi Mariah said, “The name of production house “4 Monkeys Studio” is very much significant to these four friends, who have collaborated to produce the movie. The inherent nature of monkeys is to help each other in time of need and that’s what these friends had done, which paved for the smooth process and completion of film in just 34 days. This is a special movie from Yogi Babu and it has all the attributes ascribing the commercial elements. Yogi Babu is really a special personality as he would come tired wrapping up other shooting, but as soon as the camera is switched on, he transforms into highly energetic state…. It’s a rare situation to see a filmmaker delivering 2 hits in the same year and now Sam Anton is all set to acquire the status with 100 and Gurkha.”

Actor Siddarth said, “I have always been in awe over Yogi Babu’s performance. He is a phenomenal actor and is so humble. I am against the witty line that jests at his looks, but it really needs a great heart to accept and let other characters do it. This is one of the greatest qualities I like in Yogi Babu, but I request him to take care of his health, especially after achieving success. I am so happy about the friends coming together to produce films that will eventually inspire others to do the same and encourage the independent filmmakers too. I am sure this film has already become a profitable venture even before its release.”

Actor Yogi Babu said, “The first time I met Sam Anton was during the Day 1 shooting of Enakku Innoru Peru Irukku, where I had some witty lines to render and he gave me complete freedom to go ahead and try. Our friendship blossomed from that point of time. I am so much happy that I get to work with him in all his movies and ‘Gurkha’ is a special one. It turns to be an emotional thing for me recollecting the moments, where I used to stand outside Sathyam Cinemas and today I am here on stage. I am thankful to each and everyone for making my dream come true.”

Veteran playback singer SP Balasubramaniam said, “I am someone, who is always inclined to my singing profession and I don’t regularly follow the contemporary cinema. But to be honest, a film must become successful as it will bring joyfulness to many families. In this aspect, I wish each and everyone in the team to have a very good success through this movie. I would like to make a humble request to all that lets not waste water as the situation is becoming much worsened. It has become more valuable than gold and platinum now. Water is the only asset that we can pass onto the next generation, which will gift them a peaceful and healthy life.”

The occasion has always witnessed the presence of actor Raj Bharath, Cinematographer Krishnan Vasant, Stunt choreographer PC, Music director Raj Aryan, Producer Kathiresan and few more others as well.