Actor Soori, who has amassed prizes in Jallikattu, raises a “black” bull


Actor Soori, who was in Chennai for a while due to the curfew in Tamil Nadu, then moved to his hometown of Rajakur, a village near Madurai, where he spent time with his family.

While in Chennai, Corona released awareness videos with her children and received praise from many. The pictures with the bull “Karuppan” which is being bred in Rajakur at present are “In the middle of the curfew, Ure will be subdued – where did the” black “walk !!” Has posted on his website with the caption.

“The black bull has participated in more than 40 javelin throw competitions so far. During the javelin throw the players had never liked a black bull until now and why not even touch it. Our “black” has won many prizes in all the competitions in which he participated.

We will give the winning prizes to our black bull caretakers and to the people of the village on behalf of the black bull in case of any ear piercing or wedding ceremony. My brother Vinod is currently taking care of our black bull, ”said actor Suri